Teach Rowbics

Get Rowbics® certified and offer a lifetime of fitness and complete body transformations to your clients and students! Our certification program is designed for Group Fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers who understand that rowing offers incredible body benefits and is a technical skill requiring proper instruction.

You'll learn proper and safe rowing techniques, how to lead Rowbics races, experience how to lead Rowbics workouts and enjoy a new skill that meets a wide array of fitness goals.

If you are interested in scheduling a live workshop at your club or studio, please contact us at 888-ROWBICS.

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Rowbics Exercise: One Leg Row

Rowbics is a new way to workout using a rowing machine. Strengthen the leg "Drive" of your rowing stroke by focusing on one leg at a time. This exercise works your entire body and helps improve your rowing technique. Learn more at: www.rowbics.com