The Rowbics® Workout

Experience our head-to-toe Rowbics® routine where you'll burn fat, tone up and improve endurance, strength and flexibility all at once. Reaching, pushing, pulling and controlling the slide is a perfect way to get the core and your whole body engaged.

Once you learn Rowbics, you can incorporate 15 to 45 minute workouts into your fitness routine to dramatically increase your results! We have full body workout routines for every body.

With Rowbics moves like the Swoosh, the Power Five, the Bi-Si-Tri and the good ole L-Slide, you'll have a blast getting fit and learning something new. We bet you'll be surprised by all the exercises you can do with Rowbics!

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Rowbics Exercise: One Leg Row

Rowbics is a new way to workout using a rowing machine. Strengthen the leg "Drive" of your rowing stroke by focusing on one leg at a time. This exercise works your entire body and helps improve your rowing technique. Learn more at: