Rowbics is all about introducing the fitness world to the incredible power of rowing with our balanced Quadcore Conditioning® System. Our mission is to inspire people of all ages and fitness levels to find, learn and share some incredibly effective workouts.

In What World?
Welcome to our world, where a workout moves everything and we mean every single inch of your body—your core, your arms, your legs, your back and of course your mind & spirit. When you combine the correct rowing technique with our Quadcore Conditioning™ routine your whole body will thank you. You're welcome!

You're Kidding Right!?
The Rowbics workout really does burn more calories than running, swimming or biking & is still low impact. Rowbics offers a lifetime of variety and challenge that'll keep you motivated. It's time now to pick up a new skill and experience first hand why rowing is one of the coolest sports in the world!

Say's Who?
There's a whole slew of media articles, research journals and a community of fitness experts who say rowing is the best cardio conditioning, full body workout around. We can quote them all or you can just trust us -- once you try Rowbics and see your body transform, you'll be saying it works too.